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Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch - Licenced Outfitter and Guide
Virgil & Barbara Burns, Owners/Outfitters

Montana's Horseback Expeditions

Featured in National Geographic 2005 Traveler "Last Wild Places"

We are proud to be ranked #2 in the
"Top Ten Hideaways"

"For the finest hunt of your life, try Virgil. Whether you are looking for a summer escape, fantastic fishing, or a splendid hunt, the Burns will pamper you with superb food, gear, skilled guides and well trained horses."

"Our wilderness program wouldn't work without reliable, competent, well-equipped outfitters like you two. One of the biggest reasons for the total success of our ride was that we weren't treated as guests, but rather as friends."
Bill Rooney, Executive Editor, AMERICAN FORESTS MAGAZINE

Virgil & Barbara Burns
Owners & Operators - Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch
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A guidebook states that the "Bob" is 2,400 square miles of rugged, unspoiled wilderness that could change your life forever. Another describes that 1.5 million acres as, "land and rivers and mountains still pretty much the way that God had fashioned them." For once, guidebook palaver understates reality.

We are pleased to arrange deluxe, horseback pack trips into the Bob Marshall Wilderness for fishing, sightseeing, photography or big game hunting. This wilderness, our Nation's largest and most beautiful, can only be entered on foot or horseback, assuring you unequaled scenery, solitude and an abundance of wildlife. These trips are serviced by an excellent string of reliable, sure-footed mountain trail horses and pack mules. The well-equipped wilderness camps offer the utmost in comfort and a first class table set for our guests. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch also provides a gorgeous lodge nestled between the Mission Mountain Wilderness and the Bob Marshall Wilderness in the heart of the Swan Valley.

We have been outfitting in this area more than thirty years. We rely on our experience to satisfy guests. Additionally, we have perfected all of the necessary components to assure you of the finest wilderness experience possible, with emphasis on menus, livestock and equipment, camp locations, a helpful, friendly crew, and a lot of personal attention.

Lodge/Ranch Headquarters
Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch
Seeley Lake, Montana 59868

Business Office/Winter Ranch
Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch
St. Ignatius, Montana 59865